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Nature-based Solutions

Municipal and regional governments are looking for creative, cost-effective approaches to meet GHG emission reduction targets and to enhance the flow of ecosystem services from rural and suburban landscapes. We have worked with the staff of many municipalities to help them achieve their goals through the development of innovative nature-based solutions. 

Example projects include the following:

  • Development of a spatial database to identify natural areas within the Metro Vancouver region with high carbon storage values for protection from development

  • Development of Avoided Forest Conversion Projects (AFCP), Green Communities Committee framework that allow communities to get credit for protecting green spaces

  • Evaluation of the GHG emission benefits of protecting and enhancing wetland ecosystems

  • Developing full-scale forest carbon projects to meet international verification standards such that resulting carbon offsets may be sold on the voluntary carbon market

Find out how we can help your community meet its GHG emission targets and enhance ecosystem services.

Image by Maria Olkhovaya
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