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3GreenTree Enters Partnership with ClimeCo, a leader in the development and management of environmental commodities

3GreenTree works with forward-thinking clients to identify, develop, and manage forestland projects to realize total natural asset value. As experts in nature-based solutions, we are pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with ClimeCo Corp (ClimeCo), a leader in the development and management of environmental commodities.  


“ClimeCo is an industry leader in the environmental commodity marketplace, and 3GreenTree are experts in forest carbon project development,” Says Clive Welham, Founding Partner of 3GreenTree.  “This partnership offers turn-key solutions and will allow clients to realize the full suite of benefits from nature-based projects. We are excited about the potential this relationship provides.”

Morning Mist over Forest

3GreenTree pioneered Verra’s Improved Forest Management in Temperate and Boreal Forests Methodology (VM0012), a foundational document of the Darkwoods and Afognak Forest Carbon Projects (Afognak).  Various clients of ClimeCo, such as musicians, travel agencies, and energy companies, have used Afognak to mitigate their carbon emissions. There is great excitement to collaborate on future forestry opportunities from both ClimeCo and 3GreenTree.


“3GreenTree’s impressive expertise complements and expands ClimeCo’s capabilities in exciting ways,” says Lauren Mechak, Director, Program Development at ClimeCo.  “We are thrilled to have them as a partner and look forward to seeing how this collaboration will create value for our clients.”


With ClimeCo’s leadership in carbon registry, marketing, monetization, and capital investment, and 3GreenTree’s project feasibility, design, and management expertise, the alignment of this partnership will deliver substantial value. 3GreenTree’s expertise in forest carbon offset development and knowledge of the Canadian compliance and voluntary markets make for an excellent partner in ClimeCo’s growth in Canada.


For more information or to discuss how 3GreenTree can best serve you, contact us at 604.761.4007

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