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We are excited to announce that ClimeCo has acquired us! ClimeCo is a respected global advisor, transaction facilitator, trader, and developer of environmental commodity market products and related solutions.

Learn more by reading the Press Release.


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Vice President, Nature-Based Solutions, ClimeCo

Clive provides carbon advisory on domestic and international markets, strategic and tactical project planning, and development and management of ClimeCo’s nature-based projects.

Before ClimeCo, Clive was a Co-founder (2008) and Managing Director at 3GreenTree Ecosystems Services Ltd, a boutique consultancy acquired by ClimeCo. He has a PhD in Ecology, is an Honorary Research Associate in Forestry at the University of British Columbia, and is an Adjunct Professor at Nanjing Forestry University, China. A Registered Professional Biologist (#1565), Clive holds memberships in the Association of Professional Biology (British Columbia) and the British Columbia College of Applied Biology.

His core principles are scientific rigor and integrity and achieving solutions that balance the needs of people and those of nature. 

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Vice President, Nature-Based Solutions, ClimeCo

Brad specializes in the development of innovative Nature-based Solution (NBS) projects to help clients meet their GHG emissions goals while protecting and enhancing a wide variety of ecosystem services. He is a recognized leader in ecosystem carbon modeling and has extensive expertise in the latest technologies used in field monitoring and remote sensing. In addition, Brad has extensive experience in the development and application of project methodologies in both the voluntary and compliance markets. 

Before joining ClimeCo, Brad was a co-founder of 3GreenTree Ecosystem Services, a company with a long history of developing successful forest carbon projects. He was also a research associate in the Faculty of Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia. He published more than 50 peer-review papers on forest modeling, ecosystem management, and climate change impacts.

Brad holds a PhD in Biology from Boston University. He enjoys back-country camping with his family, snowboarding, and wing foiling in his free time.



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Senior Project Associate, ClimeCo

Karina joined ClimeCo in 2023 as a Senior Project Associate. She specializes in assessing the technical feasibility of nature-based carbon offset projects and the development of selected projects.

Before ClimeCo, Karina worked as a Resource Analyst at 3GreenTree Ecosystem Service Ltd., working with spatial data analysis and calculating carbon budgets supporting forest carbon project development. She has a broad experience in forestry and land use dynamics, climate policy, and project development, which allows her to provide excellent research and analysis support on a wide variety of complex tasks. Karina holds a Master of Science in Ecology from the University of Alberta and received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Technical University of Denmark.

Karina is passionate about working in the climate and sustainability space. She is excited to help the world reach its Net-Zero emission goals. Outside of work, Karina is an avid snowboarder, hiker, and traveler.

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Senior Project Associate, ClimeCo

Juliana joined ClimeCo in 2023 as a Senior Project Associate with our Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) team. She is motivated to turn science-based ideas into actions that promote the sustainability of forests. Her experience with forest growth, yield data, and a strong understanding of multi-objective forest management helps develop high-standard carbon projects. Furthermore, she’s looking forward to contributing to the expansion of ClimeCo’s forest carbon projects throughout South America, especially Brazil.


Before ClimeCo, Juliana was an academic and forest researcher with a focused interest in Forest Ecology and Modelling. Her research focused on how interactions, specifically competition, could influence tree species’ individual responses to climate change. As an instructor, she assisted students in field activity tasks (such as forest biomass mensuration and site assessment) and taught different Forestry courses (such as Silviculture and Forest Economics). 

Juliana earned her Ph.D. in Forest Sciences from the University of British Columbia (Canada), Master’s in Forest Sciences, and Bachelor’s in Forest Engineering from the Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil). In addition to Portuguese, she is fluent in English, proficient in Spanish, and a beginner in French. Juliana enjoys water sports, especially rowing and canoeing, and is currently trying to master pull-ups.    

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