3GreenTree is a full service forest ecosystem asset development, acquisition and management company.

Ongoing shifts in global environmental awareness and the associated emergence of carbon and other ecosystem asset markets have created new opportunities for realizing the full value of ecosystem services. 3GreenTree enables land owners, forest managers, corporations and investors to take advantage of these expanding opportunities.

We work with forward-thinking clients to identify, develop, and manage forest properties and projects with unique and/or under-valued ecosystem assets. Our diverse team can strategically develop and monetize revenue streams from: forest carbon projects, certified timber, biodiversity and conservation values, water and other ecosystem services.

3GreenTree brings together a unique mix of expertise in forestry and operations management, finance, ecological science, and ecosystem modeling. We employ a novel integrated portfolio approach to evaluate optimal strategies for ecosystem asset development considering local ecosystem characteristics, market conditions, and client needs.


Round Valley Indian Tribes register forest carbon offset project..... Mar 19, 2015

NASA plans to take most detailed scans of the world's forests ever.....Mar 3, 2015

How an Oregon forest is helping Chevy meet its carbon goals...........Mar 2, 2015

Middleton's woodlands granted carbon credits of > $2 million...........Mar 1, 2015

Round Valley first forest C project on native trust land..................Feb 26, 2015

Sackville environmental group sells carbon offsets.......................Feb 23, 2015

Stand for trees: Forest carbon for the masses?............................Feb 10, 2015

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New Developments:

3GreenTree the implementing partner for the innovative forest carbon project on Afognak Island, Alaska

• Updated version of VCS IFM Methodology developed by 3GreenTree now available

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